Sunday, July 31, 2011

DIY Diaper Wreath {Babyshower Gift}

I got the idea of making a diaper wreath for a cousins babyshower after
her boyfriends mother & sister made her a beautiful diaper cake.

I looked up directions but didn't like the typical kind where the inside of
the diaper is wrapped around the wreath circle.

If you use a Styrofoam on or cardboard, like I did, the debris from the ring
can get inside the diaper and make them unusable. So....I rolled them like
you typically do with a diaper cake.

Pack of diapers (30+)
Rubber bands
Styrofoam wreath ring
(or cut one out of cardboard)
Thick decorative ribbon
Thin ribbon

STEP ONE: Open pack of diapers, roll diapers up tightly and secure with rubber band. Amount needed depends on the size of the diapers & size of the wreath ring you are using/made.

STEP TWO: Cut thick ribbon pieces (wrap around diaper leaving enough to slightly overlap to determine length needed) & thin ribbon pieces.

STEP THREE: Slide thin ribbon underneath rubber band, wrap thick ribbon around diaper and secure with tape. Set aside until all are finished.

STEP FOUR: Lay ring back side up, tie diapers around the ring.

STEP FIVE: Cut longer ribbon to tie around top of wreath so it can be hung.

You can add bows, other ribbons, tie small baby gifts/accessories as well :)


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